Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi

Seasons in the Heart

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Antonio Vivaldi, 'The Four Seasons'.

Antonio Vivaldi (Venice, 4 March 1678 - Vienna, 28 July 1741) is known as one of the greatest composers in history. Thanks to him, to his compositions, to his writing of virtuosic pages for the violin, which he performed with unparalleled mastery, from the Baroque period western music reached Romanticism.

"The Four Seasons", taken from the Concertos of Opus 8, "il Cimento dell'Armonia e dell'inventione" are among the best-known compositions, played in concert and recorded of all time. Written in Mantua, where Vivaldi had been able to live and work for a number of years, they record the life of the countryside, its animals and people with an accurate, inventive description and narrated by a number of poems that accompany the different stages of the year.

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